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Harrington College of Design is an educational environment focused on teaching creative people what it takes to become a complete professional. One with a holistic learning approach and faculty that can help you acquire industry-relevant skills, experience and business acumen – at our design-focused campus in the design-forward city of Chicago.

Our undergrad and graduate degree programs will teach you what it takes to get the job done. By getting involved in the complete professional process, you can learn the basics of aesthetics, strategic thinking and concrete technical skills. Along the way, our instructors will engage you with collaborative, real-life projects that can help you acquire an in-depth understanding of both the business and creative sides of your profession.

In addition to our quality faculty, we offer you options to learn from professionals outside our school. Through visits to design studios, critiques from industry leaders and other opportunities, you can add to your education with an inside view of what it takes out there.

Everything we do at Harrington has been created to help you get a thorough professional design education. As you become familiar with the entire spectrum of creative, technical and professional skills needed in today’s design fields, you’ll have access to industry-current equipment, studio facilities and computer labs to help you prepare for the next stage of your career.

Whether your field is Communication Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography or Web Design + Development, Harrington College of Design can help you reach your next level of achievement.

Many of our students are earning their degrees while they’re working. You can too. In addition to full-time schedules, we offer part-time programs and flexible evening and weekend classes to help you work your schedule around ours.

Get a complete education. Become a complete professional.

Harrington College of Design
200 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60606


Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at www.harrington.edu/disclosures. Harrington College of Design cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Campus Address

200 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60606


Associate of Applied Science – Digital Photography (Diploma)

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Commercial Photography (Bachelors)

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design (Bachelors)

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Interior Design (Bachelors)

Bachelor of Science – Web Design and Development (Bachelors)

Master of Arts – Master of Arts in Communication Design (Masters)

Master of Arts – Master of Arts in Interior Design (Masters)

Master of Fine Arts – Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design (Masters)

Master of Interior Design (Masters)


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