How Does Online Learning Work?

Online courses are housed within a learning-management system or on web sites with instructors delivering content to you through a variety of media including video, text, assessments, projects and discussion forums. How Does Online Learning Work

  • Recorded lectures from live, on-campus sessions for the same course you are taking
  • Instructor lecture video recordings from their office or in the field
  • Real-time (also known as synchronous) sessions where you get to speak with the instructor and/or fellow students via a webcam and microphone
  • Videos from online sources
  • Podcast recordings of the instructor or other narrated presentations
  • Audio recordings from online sources
  • Peer-reviewed research, articles, and journals
  • Blog posts
  • Textbooks
  • Articles from online sources
  • Discussion forums
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Projects completed individually or as part of a team
  • Written, video or audio assignments
  • Proctoring tools
    • Instructors often use proctoring to ensure the academic integrity of course assessments

Learning in any environment requires a certain level of independence, motivation, and time management. Our online format allows you to balance coursework alongside your personal and professional life. Across a broad range of disciplines, we have seen students from diverse backgrounds, age groups, and levels of technological skill succeed while learning online.

How Does Online Learning Work

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