How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

Many college students and recent graduates work as interns. That means they take a temporary job to get hands-on experience, usually in a field they’re interested in. College graduates sometimes use internships to start a career. But did you know that you can get a summer or after-school internship while you’re still in high school? How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

Why Intern?How to Find an Internship You'll Value

Some internships involve pay, and others are unpaid. But internships offer many benefits besides money. For example, taking an internship can: How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

  • Show you what the working world is like
  • Teach you important skills, such as time management and computer skills
  • Help you choose a major
  • Inspire a career choice
  • Connect you with experienced people who can mentor you

How to Get Started

By putting some thought into your search and using the resources that are available to you, you can find an internship that will offer you great opportunities. How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

Think About Your Goals

To begin the process of finding the right internship for you, think about fields you want to explore or skills you want to learn. Do you love photography? Do you want to know what scientific research is like or what a lawyer does all day? Do you want to learn how to build a website?  How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

Having clear goals in mind makes it more likely that you’ll find an internship you can get excited about.

Take Advantage of Other Resources

Using personal contacts and local resources are also great ways to find an internship. Try these methods for finding opportunities: How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

  • Ask your high school counsellor and teachers for help.
  • Check with your coaches and club advisers.
  • Find out if family and friends know someone in a field that interests you.
  • If there’s a specific company or organisation you’d like to work for, don’t be afraid to contact someone there.
  • Look for recent internship guidebooks at the library.

How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

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