How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

Job searches can be stressful. And it’s no different in the academic world. Whether you’re a dean seeking a president position or a recent PhD. looking for your first university appointment, you can expect your share of emotional challenges along the way. How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

But it is possible to stay positive as you look for a job. With the right techniques, you can rise above the negativeHow to Stay Positive in Your Job Search aspects of the process and maintain a strong mental framework. And that doesn’t just improve your emotional health. You’ll also dramatically raise your chances for success, by boosting your confidence and giving you the energy hiring managers prefer.

To tap into the power of positivist, follow these techniques that experts recommend.

Be Consistent with Your Time

Everyone needs a certain amount of routine. Without it, life turns into chaos, which is a sure recipe for stress and negativity. To combat this uncertainty, create a consistent schedule for your job search. “It’s extremely important to maintain the routine you were in previously,” says life coach Gina D’Amore-Nisco. “Prioritise your day in order of importance, making your job search your daily ‘Job Search.'”

Take Action

Another powerful way to stay positive in a job search is to keep busy with meaningful action. For example, rather than sitting around hoping you’ll get a call from the university you interviewed at last week, reach out to your network to find additional opportunities. Or, instead of waiting to see job listings appear, research to find colleges that are expanding departments you’re looking to work for.

By spending more of your time on these types of proactive efforts, you’ll feel more in control of your job search. And that’s a great way to push out negative thoughts that can creep in when you have time to ruminate.

Stay Organised

Keeping control of the details in your job search lets you focus on the bigger, more important aspects of finding a job, without getting frustrated. “Let’s face it – a job search can be an arduous process,” says career coach Gia Ganesh. “And what can make it more frustrating is not knowing when you applied to what job, who you spoke to, when to follow up, and other details.” How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

To manage these details, Ganesh recommends using one of the many apps and programs tailored specifically for job searches. “A simple job search tracking tool can help you take action on a daily basis as you determine who to follow up with, and look for other opportunities or contacts in the institutions you applied at.”

Schools and Colleges’ Organiser is an excellent tool for doing so. You can access the Organiser within your Schools and Colleges account. It allows you to save jobs from our site, easily review job postings (even after they’re no longer active), and to schedule follow-up reminders for when it’s time to take the next step on your application.


Nobody should be an island – especially when looking for a job. By getting out and talking to colleagues, you can find the optimism and positivity you need. “If you’re in a job search, there are going to be down days,” says Beth Bridges, author of “Networking on Purpose.” “Those are the best times to get out to a networking event, if only to get a dose of motivation and encouragement from your network.” How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

And, of course, the advantages of networking go beyond just moral support. You’ll gain access to far more jobs and get valuable insight into developments in your field. The key is in choosing the right people to network with, says Bridges. “They should know you’re looking and they should be supportive. They’ll be happy to help you stress less and stay in the hunt.”

Some of the best sources of networking opportunities are professional associations. Nearly all professions and specialities are served by at least one such group, and many of them have local chapters throughout the country.

Put on Your Game Face

Every job search has its emotional ups and downs. Sometimes positivity is hard to find. That’s when you need to put on your game face. “You cannot let negative feelings shine through during an interview,” says Elizabeth, director of career services for Rasmussen College’s Twin Cities campus. “If you walk into an interview without being 100 percent confident you are the right fit for the job, you can’t expect the hiring manager to have confidence in you either.” How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

To push negative thoughts away before an interview, mentally review the successes you’ve had in your career. Concentrate on specific, quantifiable accomplishments. For example, think about the time you found a new supplier that saved the college $50,000 a year. Or look back on the marketing campaign you initiated that helped boost enrolment rates by more than 5 percent this semester. Doing so not only gives your confidence a boost, it lets you practice telling the vital stories of your career, which is one of the biggest keys to success in interviews.

By combining all of these proven techniques for staying positive in your job search, you can gain the strength and energy you need to keep moving forward. You’ll soon find that they not only make the process more bearable, they can help foster the most powerful tools of all – perseverance and strong inner beliefs. How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search

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