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Campus Address

1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, VA 24515


Accounting (Masters)

Accounting (Associates)

Accounting (Bachelors)

Aeronautics (Bachelors)

Applied Web Technologies (Bachelors)

Aviation Maintenance Mgmt (Bachelors)

Biblical & Educational Studies (Bachelors)

Biblical Studies (Certificate)

Biblical Studies (Certificate)

BMWD-BS-D (Bachelors)

Bus Admin Dig Mktg and Advert (Bachelors)

Bus Admin Mktg Analytics (Bachelors)

Bus Admin Sales Mgmt and Prof (Bachelors)

Bus Admin Strat Mktg Mgmt (Bachelors)

Busi Admin: Green & Sustain Mg (Bachelors)

Busi Mgt Info Sys: Accounting (Bachelors)

Busi Mgt Info Sys: App Dev (Bachelors)

Busi Mgt Info Sys: Gaming Tech (Bachelors)

Busi Mgt Info Sys: Intelligenc (Bachelors)

Business (Associates)

Business Admin (Certificate)

Business Admin: Communications (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Economics (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Entrepreneur (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Finance (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Financial Plan (Bachelors)

Business Admin: General (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Healthcare Mgt (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Human Resource (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Intl Business (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Leadership (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Marketing (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Project Mgmt (Bachelors)

Business Admin: Public Admin (Bachelors)

CERT: Application Development (Certificate)

CERT: Applied Coms Studies (Certificate)

CERT: Autism Education (Certificate)

CERT: Biblical Studies (Certificate)

CERT: Christian Leadership (Certificate)

CERT: Christian Ministry (Certificate)

CERT: Coms & Busi Admin (Certificate)

CERT: Coms & Human Services (Certificate)

CERT: Criminal Justice (Certificate)

CERT: Data Networking (Certificate)

CERT: Database (Certificate)

CERT: Ed Tech & Online Instruc (Certificate)

CERT: Executive Leadership (Certificate)

CERT: General Business (Certificate)

CERT: Gifted Education (Certificate)

CERT: Global Studies (Certificate)

CERT: Global Studies (Certificate)

CERT: Health Sciences (Certificate)

CERT: Healthcare Management (Certificate)

CERT: Information Assurance (Certificate)

CERT: Management & Leadership (Certificate)

CERT: Marketing (Certificate)

CERT: Middle Grades (Certificate)

CERT: Military Resilience (Certificate)

CERT: Music World Culture-Ethn (Certificate)

CERT: Organizational Coms (Certificate)

CERT: Outdoor Adventure Sport (Certificate)

CERT: Pastoral Counseling (Certificate)

CERT: Preschool (Certificate)

CERT: Public Administration (Certificate)

CERT: Public Policy (Certificate)

CERT: School Leadership (Certificate)

CERT: Sport Management (Certificate)

CERT: Theological Studies (Certificate)

CERT: Web Development (Certificate)

CERT: Worship Studies (Certificate)

Christian Apol Non Thesis (Masters)

Christian Apol Non Thesis (Masters)

Christian Apologetics (Masters)

Christian Apologetics (Masters)

Christian Leadership & Mgmnt (Bachelors)

Christian Ministry (Certificate)

Criminal Justice (Certificate)

Criminal Justice (Associates)

Criminal Justice (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Business Adm (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Cmd College (Masters)

Criminal Justice: Crime Scene (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Criminal Psy (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Forensics (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Homeland Sec (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Juvenile Jus (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Public Admin (Masters)

Criminal Justice: Public Admin (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Strategic In (Bachelors)

Criminal Justice: Youth Correc (Bachelors)

DBA: Information Systems (Doctoral)

Doctor of Educ: Curric & Instr (Doctoral)

Doctor of Educ: Leadership (Doctoral)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (Doctoral)

Doctor of Worship Studies (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Accounting (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Human Resourc (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Itrnationl Bu (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Leadership (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Marketing (Doctoral)

Dr of Bus Admin: Project Mgmt (Doctoral)

Dr of Min- Discipleship (Doctoral)

Dr of Min- Evan & Church Plant (Doctoral)

Dr of Min- Expository Preach (Doctoral)

Dr of Min- Leadership (Doctoral)

Dr of Min-Worship (Doctoral)

Dr of Min: Pastoral Coun (Doctoral)

Early Childhood Ed Interdisc (Bachelors)

Early Childhood Education (Associates)

Educ Specialist: Curric & Inst (Doctoral)

Educ Specialist: Educ Leader (Doctoral)

Education (Non_Licensure) (Associates)

Elementary Educ Interdiscipl (Bachelors)

Elementary School Diploma (Diploma)

Ethnomusicology (Masters)

Exercise Science Clinical (Masters)

Exercise Science Com Phy Act (Masters)

Exercise Science Human Perform (Masters)

Exercise Science Nutrition (Masters)

Expository Preaching (Masters)

Government: Politics & Policy (Bachelors)

Government: Pre-Law (Bachelors)

Government: Public Admin (Bachelors)

Healthcare Management (Certificate)

High School Diploma (Diploma)

History (Bachelors)

Info Sys Acct Info Sys (Bachelors)

Info Sys Database (Bachelors)

Info Sys Information Assurance (Bachelors)

Info Tech Web and Mobile Prog (Bachelors)

Informatics: Hlth Care Info (Bachelors)

Information Systems (Associates)

Interdisciplinary Studies (Associates)

Interdisciplinary Studies (Bachelors)

International Business (Certificate)

IT: App and Database Dev (Bachelors)

IT: Data Network & Security (Bachelors)

IT: Gaming Design (Bachelors)

M.Div: Biblical Studies (Masters)

M.Div: Chaplaincy 72hrs (Masters)

M.Div: Chaplaincy 93hrs (Masters)

M.Div: Church History (Masters)

M.Div: Disciple & Church Min (Masters)

M.Div: Evangelism & Church Pla (Masters)

M.Div: Global Studies (Masters)

M.Div: Leadership (Masters)

M.Div: Marketplace Chaplaincy (Masters)

M.Div: Pastoral Counseling (Masters)

M.Div: Pastoral Ministries (Masters)

M.Div: Theology (Masters)

M.Div: Worship (Masters)

M.Ed: Ed Admin/Supervis (TC) (Masters)

M.Ed: Prog Specialist-Math (Masters)

M.Ed: Prog Specialist-Reading (Masters)

M.Ed: School Counseling (TC) (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Elem Educ (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-English (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Erly Chld (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Gifted Ed (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-History (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Leadershi (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Midl Educ (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Spec Educ (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching & Lrn-Tech&Onln (Masters)

M.Ed: Teaching and Learning (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Addict & Rec (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Business (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Christian Mn (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Criminal Jus (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Crisis Rs&Tr (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Exec Leader (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Health & Wel (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Life Coach (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Marriage/Fam (Masters)

MA Hum Svcs Coun: Military Res (Masters)

MA Worship Std-Church Planting (Masters)

MA Worship Std-Ethnomusicology (Masters)

MA Worship Studies-Leadership (Masters)

MA: Executive Leadership (Masters)

MA: Music Education (Masters)

MA: Pub Pol: Campaigns & Elect (Masters)

MA: Pub Pol: International Aff (Masters)

MA: Pub Pol: Middle East Affai (Masters)

MA: Pub Pol: Public Admin (Masters)

MA: Public Policy (Masters)

MA: Strategic Coms: Acad Trk (Masters)

MA: Strategic Coms: Prof Trk (Masters)

MA: Strategic Coms: Teach & Ac (Masters)

MAR: Biblical Studies (Masters)

MAR: Chaplaincy (Masters)

MAR: Church History (Masters)

MAR: Discipleship & Church Min (Masters)

MAR: Evan & Church Planting (Masters)

MAR: Global Studies (Masters)

MAR: Homiletics (Masters)

MAR: Leadership (Masters)

MAR: Pastoral Counseling (Masters)

MAR: Pastoral Ministry (Masters)

MAR: Theology (Masters)

MAR: Worship (Masters)

Marketing: Digital Mktg & Adv (Masters)

Marketing: Project Management (Masters)

Marketing: Public Relations (Masters)

Marketing: Sports Mktg & Media (Masters)

Marriage & Family Therapy (Masters)

Master of Busi Admin (36 hr) (MBA)

Master of Busi Admin: Accnting (MBA)

Master of Busi Admin: Hthcare (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Crim Just (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Humn Res (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Intl Busi (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Leadrshp (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Marketing (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Proj Man (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Publ Admn (MBA)

Master of Busi Admn: Publ Rela (MBA)

Master of Public Health: Globa (Masters)

Master of Public Health: Nutr (Masters)

Master of Public Health: Promo (Masters)

Master of Religious Education (Masters)

MAT: Elementary Education (Masters)

MAT: Middle Grades (Masters)

MAT: Secondary Education (Masters)

MAT: Special Education (Masters)

MCM: Discipleship & Church Min (Masters)

MCM: Evan & Church Planting (Masters)

MCM: Global Studies (Masters)

MCM: Homiletics (Masters)

MCM: Leadership (Masters)

MCM: Marketplace Chaplaincy (Masters)

MCM: Pastoral Counseling (Masters)

MCM: Pastoral Ministries (Masters)

MCM: Worship (Masters)

Medical Office Assistant (Associates)

MGS: Global Studies-Practicum (Masters)

MGS: Global Studies-Thesis (Masters)

Middle School Diploma (Diploma)

Military Resilience (Certificate)

MS: Biomedical Sciences (Masters)

MS: Cyber Security (Masters)

MS: Info Systems-Info Assuranc (Masters)

MS: Info Systems-Tech Mgmt (Masters)

MSN: Nurse Educator Track (Masters)

MSN: Nursing Administration (Masters)

MTS: Biblical Studies (Masters)

MTS: Church History (Masters)

MTS: Theology (Masters)

Music & Worship (Masters)

Nursing (Bachelors)

Paralegal Studies (Certificate)

Paralegal Studies (Associates)

Paralegal Studies (Bachelors)

Pastoral Coun: Marketplace Cha (Masters)

PhD Coun. Advanced Clin Skills (Doctoral)

PhD Coun. Counselor ED and Sup (Doctoral)

Preschool (Certificate)

Professional Counseling (Masters)

Professional Counseling (60hr) (Masters)

Psychology (Associates)

Psychology (Associates)

Psychology (Bachelors)

Psychology Criminal Psychology (Bachelors)

Psychology Developmental Psych (Bachelors)

Psychology: Addiction & Recove (Bachelors)

Psychology: Christian Coun (Associates)

Psychology: Christian Coun (Bachelors)

Psychology: Crisis Counseling (Bachelors)

Psychology: Life Coaching (Bachelors)

Psychology: Military Resilienc (Bachelors)

Public Administration (Certificate)

Religion Evangelism (Bachelors)

Religion: Biblical & Theo Stu (Bachelors)

Religion: Christian Counseling (Bachelors)

Religion: Christian Ministries (Bachelors)

Special Education Interdis (Bachelors)

Special Stud-Doctorate (Doctoral)

Special Stud-Graduate (Masters)

Special Stud-Graduate (Masters)

Special Stud-Graduate (Masters)

Special Stud-Graduate (Masters)

Special Stud-Undergraduate (Bachelors)

Sport Management (Masters)

Sport Mgmt Admin-NonThesis (Masters)

Sport Mgmt Admin-Thesis (Masters)

Sport Mgmt Outdr Rec-NonThesis (Masters)

Sport Mgmt Outdr Rec-Thesis (Masters)

Sport Mgmt: Tourism Thesis (Masters)

Sport Mgmt: Tourism-NonThesis (Masters)

Studio and Dig Arts: Grap Des (Bachelors)

Studio and Dig Arts: Std Art (Bachelors)

Studio and Digital Arts (Masters)

Teaching & Learning Stu. Serv (Masters)

Th.M: Biblical Stu Non-Thes (Masters)

Th.M: Church History Non-Thes (Masters)

Th.M: Global Studies Non-The (Masters)

Th.M: Homiletics Non-Thes (Masters)

Th.M: Theology (Masters)

Theology and Apologetics (Doctoral)

Unknown/Undecided (Bachelors)


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