Southwest Florida College can help you acquire the skills you need for top, in-demand jobs in today’s competitive workplace. Whether you are seeking to make a career change, or simply advance in your current career, our skilled team of professional instructors will help you achieve your career goals.

Why choose Southwest Florida College?

Listening to Employers – We are listening to employers and embracing what they say are the skills that students need upon graduating. Southwest Florida College remains student-centered and employer-focused by delivering curriculum that is up-to-date to ensure that students are prepared for the expectations of employers.
Flexibility – We understand that in today’s world our lives are hectic. That’s why we offer our classes to fit into your busy schedule. We offer convenient online classes as well as campus-based classes during the day, evening and even on the weekend.
Individual Attention – You won’t get lost in a sea of students here at Southwest Florida College. Our classes are small so that you get more one-on-one attention with your instructors. We even have an Academic Success Center where you can go to get additional help with your coursework.
Graduate Placement – At Southwest Florida College, we take your education a step further. Our Graduate Placement and Industry Relations Department has one primary function – to get you employed. This is a lifetime service for our graduates. The Graduate Placement and Industry Relations department will assist you with your resume and then help match your skills with desirable employers.

Southwest Florida College gives you more than a dozen programs to choose from, so no matter what your interest, we have a program that’s right for you.
Accounting – also available online
• Computer Programming & Database Management
• Criminal Justice – also available online
• Digital Design
• Early Childhood Education – also available online
• Elementary Education
• Health Care Administration – also available online
• Health Information Management – also available online
• Management – also available online
• Medical Lab Technician
• Medical Assistant
• Medical Billing and Coding Technology – also available online
• Network Engineering & Administration
• Paralegal Studies – online only
• Surgical Technician
• Information Technology & Security Systems
• Public Service Administration – also available online
• Cyber Technology & Security

*Programs vary by location.

Campus Address

1685 Medical Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33907


A.S. – Accounting (Associates)

A.S. – Accounting – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Computer Programming and Database Managemen (Associates)

A.S. – Criminal Justice (Associates)

A.S. – Criminal Justice – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Digital Design (Diploma)

A.S. – Early Childhood Education (Associates)

A.S. – Early Childhood Education – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Health Information Management (Associates)

A.S. – Health Information Management – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Interior Design and Decorating (Associates)

A.S. – Management (Associates)

A.S. – Management – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Medical Assistant (Associates)

A.S. – Medical Lab Technician (Associates)

A.S. – Network Engineering and Administration (Associates)

A.S. – Nursing (Associates)

A.S. – Paralegal Studies – Online (Associates)

A.S. – Surgical Technician (Bachelors)

B.S. – Accounting (Bachelors)

B.S. – Accounting – Online (Bachelors)

B.S. – Cyber Technology and Security (Bachelors)

B.S. – Early Childhood Education (Bachelors)

B.S. – Elementary Education (Bachelors)

B.S. – Health Care Administration (Bachelors)

B.S. – Health Care Administration – Online (Bachelors)

B.S. – Management (Bachelors)

B.S. – Management – Online (Bachelors)

B.S. – Public Service and Administration (Bachelors)

B.S. – Public Service and Administration – Online (Bachelors)

Diploma – Medical Assistant (Diploma)

Diploma – Medical Billing and Coding Technology (Diploma)

Diploma – Medical Billing and Coding Technology – Online (Diploma)


Southwest Florida College is accredited as a Senior College by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

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